The peace of mind that your investment will rise

As part of this service we take care of the “Property Management” of all our interested clients who do not have the time or do not wish to have a relationship with the tenant, with the maintenance of the property, the control of payment of services, taxes, the management of various procedures and everything that this administration means.

Live in your country without worrying about anything! We take care of your property

We will take care of:
The preparation of the most updated lease agreements.
The renovation or management of the same in case that it is necessary.
The constant renegotiation of the lease values.
The monthly collection of the amount of the rent according to the contracts.
Personalized delivery of the rent and / or realization of bank deposits.

We will also take care of:
The control and reception of all payments made.
We take care of all payments in case the owner stipulates so.
We keep record and file of all expenses and payments made.
We perform procedures before all companies that provide services.
We provide a property maintenance service.
We make ourselves available to the tenant for any inconvenience that may arise.