PFS Realty has a subsidiary called Avanti Lending NMLS 962226 which is responsible for managing mortgage loans through various banks in order to ensure you the best plan with the lowest interest rate. We work hard to get different plans by different banks satisfy the unique conditions of our clients in order to get the best financing plan.

Avanti lending provides the following services:

We can pre-qualify you, and according to your credit, determine the property that is right for you and give you an approximate monthly payment amount so that you can view all the options before taking the decision to purchase your property.

We can evaluate which bank can better adjust their plan to your particular situation in order for you to get the best rate possible.

We collect all the required documents directly with the client and once everything is in order we deliver them to the bank. This saves time by ensuring that all the documents necessary are complete and delivered on time.

We explain each step of the process in simpler terms in order for our clients to feel comfortable and knowledgeable. Also, our clients are assigned a personal advisor in charge of dealing with your case and to keeping you updated on the process.
We will be with you every step of the way making sure all the documentation is in place and the approval is complete.

We invite you to get to know us better. We count on a team of experts with the satisfaction of helping countless clients for more than 15 years.